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Loïc Faugeron:
The Ultimate Developer Guide to Symfony - Web Example
Mar 30, 2016 @ 15:50:17

In a previous post Loïc Faugeron showed you how to take all of the components he'd talked about so far and make a simple API endpoint. In this latest post he takes the same functionality and makes a web-facing example instead.

In this guide we've explored the main standalone libraries (also known as "Components") provided by Symfony to help us build applications: HTTP Kernel and HTTP Foundation, Event Dispatcher, Routing and YAML, Dependency Injection and Console. We've also seen how HttpKernel enabled reusable code with Bundles, and the different ways to organize our application tree directory.

Finally we've started to put all this knowledge in practice by creating a "fortune" project with an endpoint that allows us to submit new fortunes.

In this article, we're going to continue the "fortune" project by creating a page that lists all fortunes.

He goes through a similar process as before, but with a few changes to make it output a web page instead of API (JSON) results:

  • Create the Controller
  • Configure related routing
  • Create the logic to list all current fortunes
  • Putting the "wiring" in place to connect it to the database
  • Creating the view to output a simple page with the fortune list

It's that last step that's different, resulting in a simple (non-templated) page being output with HTML markup. He then refactors this to use Twig as the templating output layer, removing the output generation from the application logic.

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Link: https://gnugat.github.io/2016/03/30/ultimate-symfony-web-example.html

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