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About Us

PHPDeveloper.org, founded in 2000, has served the community with up-to-date news, views, and information for over five years. It has always been our goal to be as involved with the PHP community as much as possible, providing information about conferences, new tutorials, up and coming web technologies - and how all of them effect you as a PHP developer.

With the support of the community behind us (as well as other prominent players in the PHP world), PHPDeveloper.org has become one of the most popular non-aggregation news services on the 'net today. With an average of over fifty thousand unique visits and topping twenty-five thousand requests for our RSS news feed each month, we're growing quickly! Of course, we only have the community to thank for it - without them there would be no PHPDeveloper.org...

Contact Details

General Email: info@phpdeveloper.org
Advertising Email: advertising@phpdeveloper.org

RSS Feed Information

Since we provide our services to better the PHP community, our news is shared out via the RSS data structure at this url: phpdev.rdf. If you have news that you'd like for us to consider, you can submit it via our News Submission form.

Time for a Little Q&A

Q: Where do you get all of this great news?
A: I have a whole list of sites that I pull from, all tucked away in an aggregator that shows me all the good stuff right as it comes in.

Q: Can I have the list of sites for my very own?
A: Of course! I'm happy to share with the community - just email me and ask me...

Q: Do you get paid to do this?
A: Nope, I do it because I want to. I saw a hole in the PHP community for a good quality (non-aggregator) site that combines the "official" news from sources on the web with a more "community" look from blogs and other random sites. That said, if you're a company/business and you want to sponsor the site (or really just pay for the hosting, that'd be cool too), drop me a line.

Q: If you need to pay for the hosting, why aren't you showing more ads?
A: Call me crazy, but I don't think ads make for a good browsing experience. Sure, we have some small things like the Google Ads and various other ad placements, but the key to those is to keep them unobtrustive. This site's all about the content, and we hope to stay that way.

Q: I submitted a site/release to you and you didn't post it - why not?
A: I get quite a few releases and news submissions each day and sometimes it's hard to keep up with it, but I try. If you don't see your submission show up and really think it should have been posted, email me to let me know. I'll check into it!

Q: So you're busy, aren't we all? Do you need some help?
A: I'm always happy to have help sharing the latest from the community on the site! I've had a few people help me out in the past, and it's been great. I'm always on the lookout for others to help out though - not so much to work on the backend code of the site, but more to help post news, releases, manage comments, etc. If you think you'd fit the mold and would like to do your part, email me and let me know - I'll get back with you about how you could help.

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