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SitePoint PHP Blog:
Becoming a PHP Professional Practical Teamwork
January 07, 2014 @ 13:35:12

In part four of his "Becoming a PHP Professional" post series Bruno Skvorc looks at the topic of "professional teamwork" , more so as it relates to a bit more practical things.

Last time, we discussed social aspects of teamwork, and how working in a team can both benefit and harm you. There's loads to take into consideration when working with other people, and lots to be gained. This time, let's talk about practical aspects of teamwork, particularly virtual teams or, in other words, teams with remote members.

He covers a three main topics (several that only relate to non-colocated teams):

  • Time Zone Difference and Broken Bottleneck in Teamwork
  • Organic Solutions (the importance of a technical lead and filter)
  • Inorganic solutions (technology to make life easier and remote workers more productive)
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professional developer series part3 practical teamwork solutions


Brandon Savage:
The myth of the untestable controller
September 23, 2013 @ 11:35:04

In this new post to his site Brandon Savage looks at the "myth of the untestable controller" and gives some tips to help resolve it.

It's a persistent statement: controllers should have as little code as possible because they're difficult, nay impossible, to test. Developers should force most of their code into the models instead, where business, validation and other logic can take place. [...] But this is not true. Controllers are no more or less testable than any other kind of code. What's more, the fact that people believe controllers are largely untestable is an excuse for writing untestable code, not a valid design decision.

He talks briefly about where the myth might have come from (Zend Framework v1, with it's difficult to test controllers) and a note that, really, controllers are as testable as you want them to be. He give three things that could help make them easier to test:

  • Using dependency injection/inversion methods
  • Refactoring to use the Abstract Factory design pattern
  • Using anonymous functions/closures over plain configuration settings
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untestable unittest controller solutions abstractfactory designpattern


Job Posting:
Options Consulting Solutions Seeks PHP Developer Team Lead (Toronto, Canada)
April 26, 2011 @ 17:35:26

Company Options Consulting Solutions (Recruiting Agency)
Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Title PHP Developer Team Lead

My client is a developer of high-traffic, large-scale websites and currently has 5 PHP Developer Team Lead roles available due to aggressive growth. Centrally located in Toronto, competitive salaries, cutting edge technology and a flat structure that allows for growth and development. All in all a great environment. They are more than willing to sponsor/relocate candidates for these positions for the U. S., U.K. and Western Europe.

Reporting to the Development Manager, this role is responsible for the development of large scale Internet web sites. We are responsible for evaluation, design, selection and implementation of pragmatic, cost effective technologies, to support our various clients' business models.

Skill Requirements

  • Proven team building and leadership experience in a web development environment
  • Staff training and team development skills and experience
  • Strong written/verbal communication skills
  • Experienced in estimating effort and elapsed time required to complete project deliverables.
  • Skilled in both Object Oriented and Non-Object Oriented Design and programming techniques.
  • Several years of skill in PHP and at least one other object oriented language such as perl or Java.
  • Experience designing with large scale distributed databases.
  • Strong business and technical analytical ability so as to create robust technical design documentation from business requirements documentation.
  • Proven ability to define success criteria to meet and measure quality expectations.


  • Motivating and leading a team of 6 to 10 application developers.
  • Provide feedback on business requirements documentation to ensure resolution of any apparent ambiguity or contradictions.
  • Functional Breakdown, Design, Programming, testing and maintaining web site applications to support the business requirements.
  • Perform impact analysis for design modification and obtain signoff from the Architecture Team.
  • Participation in the selection and implementation of third party software to support design where it is practicable.
  • Communicating with several third party billing processors to setup and maintain robust ecommerce billing solutions.
  • Appropriate documentation for each development step - including functional, design, and testing specifications.
  • Developing and documenting workload estimates (ie: Creation of workload breakdown plan to define and track software development efforts)
  • Delivering functionality within these estimated effort and time frames
  • Selection, implementation and/or modification of web development practices and methodologies to support continuous improvement efforts.
  • Provide assistance to junior programmers to generate Low Level Design documentation for new or modified functionality.
  • Conduct Design reviews with Technical Architect, Project Manager and Manager of Software Development for final design approvals.
  • Conduct documentation and code reviews for their team members to ensure standards compliance.
  • Define test methodology and use cases to analyze and verify software programs, forms, reports and interfaces.
  • Communicate issues and status information to Project Management Office concerning system development activities.
  • Liaison with Project Management Office to resolve scheduling conflict and project dependencies.
  • Update system data and prepare conversion requirement as necessary for new implementation and production rollout.
  • Participate in project status review meetings with other Team Leads and the Development Manager

Technical Expectations

  • 5-6+ years of PHP 4/5 design/coding/testing/implementing using Open Source approach
  • 4+ years of Object Orientation design and development experience for large scale distributed web applications
  • Linux, Mac O/SX, MySQL, PHP, Apache/Light HTTP technologies experience
  • Computer Science trained graduate or equivalent work experience

For more information contact Kenneth Cosgrove at

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Job Posting:
Intellect Technical Solutions (Recruiter) Seeks PHP Developers (Tampa, FL)
September 25, 2008 @ 14:09:01

Company Intellect Technical Solutions, Inc (Recruiter)
Location Tampa, FL
Title PHP Developers

Our client in Tampa, FL is looking to hire 5 PHP developers with the following experience:

  • Absolute number one: A web developer with experience in transaction oriented web sites. This means not someone who has mostly done site design, cutesy JavaScript, shopping carts, and so on.
  • PHP. They use PHP4; PHP5 experience is good but since they are on version 4, that carries a little more weight. They like object oriented experienced.
  • JavaScript. They use it extensively, both in DHTML models and with AJAX. Forms validation is not enough. They look for object oriented and DHTML.
  • UNIX. They want someone who has decent experience w/ Sun/Solaris or LINUX.
  • Database experience. The candidate must have good database experience, with large databases. Very good SQL knowledge is a must.
  • XML. Should have some experience with XML, including using parsers and PHP functions to create XML streams.
  • Version Control. Candidates should have worked in shops that use version control software.
  • Team vs. solo. They don*t have much use for someone who has primarily worked on small projects by themselves. They need people who know how to work on a team (and enjoy it).
  • Apache. They use Apache servers; experience with them is very desirable. Also desirable: Ability to compile/configure Apache.
  • They expect people to "hand code", that is, not to use a code generating tool.

Contact Dana Altieri at Intellect Technical Solutions, Inc. for more information -

About Intellect Technical Solutions:
Intellect Technical Solutions is a leading Information Technology consulting firm providing technical contract and direct-hire recruiting services. In 2005 Intellect earned a spot on the Inc. Magazine 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies for 2005. For 2006, again Intellect made the Inc. Magazine 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies list. Intellect focuses on Information Technology. Intellect was founded in 1997 and serves Fortune 2000 clients on a national basis from 4 offices: Clearwater, FL Lakeland, FL, Houston, TX and Louisville, KY.

Intellect is a Gold-level Partner with Microsoft and a Solutions Partner with Mercury Interactive Corporation. Intellect consultants have experience in the follow areas: commercial software, health care, logistics, retail, banking, accounting, and telecommunications industries. Combining this industry knowledge with our technical expertise allows us to bring advanced-knowledge recruiting for point-of-sale, supply chain management, enterprise data warehousing, business intelligence, facilities management, and network operations and more. For more information:

Moving Forward to the Next Step:
Do you know someone who fits this profile? Refer them to Intellect Technical Solutions. We will pay a $500 referral fee if they are employed by Intellect for a minimum of ninety (90) days.

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tampa fl job post intellect technical solutions

Job Posting:
Squires Resources (Recruiter) Seeks Technical Solutions Specialist
November 29, 2007 @ 07:53:00

Via Chris Hartjes' blog:

Company Squires Resources (Recruiter)
Location Bermuda
Title Technical Solutions Specialist - Development

A unique opportunity awaits in sunny, sub-tropical Bermuda!

On behalf of a premier ISP/Communications company in Bermuda we are seeking an experienced and motivated Developer who would be interested in relocating to join their dynamic team.

The successful candidate will be involved in:

  • Applications design, Online (live web) and offline (supporting)applications development applications development, and Recurring HTML content.
  • Working with engineering in evaluating requirements and developing plan for project resolution.
  • Coordinating with Engineering on quality and design changes.
  • Providing technical support to internal resources on internal systems.
  • Providing superior customer service either on site or over telephone.


  • Degree/Diploma in Computer Science or equivalent work experience.
  • Must have: Excellent PHP skills including Object Oriented Design
  • Excellent knowledge of web development technologies such as XHTML, CSS, XML, Web Services, SSL, OOD, AJAX, ASP.NET.
  • In depth knowledge of SQL, PL/SQL language
  • Zend Certified Engineer would be a strong asset but not required

Our client offers a competitive compensation and benefits package (with only 4.75% tax!) along with the opportunity to live and work in beautiful Bermuda. Due to the relocation involved, candidates should be highly mobile and adaptable, with outside interests that correspond to Bermuda's idyllic and unique living environment.

For more information or to explore this unique position, please contact Jason Squires, Squires Resources Inc. 705.725.7660 ext 23 or

Thousands of professionals are enjoying unique careers and exceptional lifestyles in Bermuda and the Caribbean… Please visit us online at to find out how you can join them!

Link More Information
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Jonathan Snook's Blog:
Review PHP Solutions
January 29, 2007 @ 09:21:00

Jonathan Snook has posted a review of a book offered by the Friends of Ed publishing company - PHP Solutions: Dynamic Web Design Made Easy by David Powers.

The folks at Friend of Ed were kind enough to send me a copy of PHP Solutions, by David Powers. This book is solely intended for someone who hasn't used PHP before but approaches it in a way that is different than most books I've seen.

Jonathan talks about the contents of the book (installation, the basics, working with images, etc) and mentions what he liked about the book - mostly its forward-thinking approach including a look at PHP6 and a more well-rounded approach than just the traditional "put it in the database" ideas.

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book review solutions friendsofed davidpowers introduction book review solutions friendsofed davidpowers introduction
Advanced PHP Solutions with Zeev Suraski (Webcast)
September 20, 2006 @ 15:58:36

If you missed the Zend Webcast talking about "Advanced PHP Solutions" with Zeev Suaski, ComputerWorld has your chance to grab the download from it.

PHP continues to enjoy phenomenal growth becoming the de-facto standard for enterprise Web applications. With the introduction of PHP 5, PHP has reached new levels of support for Web Services, XML and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) meeting the robust demands of the enterprise environment. Learn how you can achieve scalability, performance, availability and reliability for your enterprise-class PHP applications with advanced PHP solutions from Zend Technologies.

In the webcast, Zeev talks about integrating web services, tracking and improving the response times in your application, scaling your applications, and troubleshooting applications down to the exact line of code.

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webcast zend advance solutions webservices responsive speed scale troubleshoot webcast zend advance solutions webservices responsive speed scale troubleshoot

Are We Losing LAMP?
June 25, 2006 @ 16:49:18

The latest offering from the php|architect A/R/T article repository is this column from the editor, Marco Tabini. In it, he asks (and answers) the question "Are We Losing LAMP?".

In a recent post to a blog that was reported in our news, author Cliff Wells claims that the light has gone out on LAMP. I have addressed enough of these articles in the past--as have many others who know a log more about technology than I do--and I am not really going to address another one here. In fact, I am only going to use it for that most human of human forms of expression: imitation.

Marco talks about how, while the PHP community on the whole has been lucky as far as its partnerships and contributions from larger entities, there might come a time later on when these same alliances could stir up trouble. He does suggest somewhat of a solution, though - three actually, some a bit more plausable than others. (You'll have to check out the article to get those, though!)

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Tobias Schlitt's Blog:
PHPUGDO sponsered by PHP Solutions magazine
April 21, 2006 @ 07:38:04

Tobias Schlitt has posted about the sponsorship that has been created between PHP Solutions Magazine and the PHP Usergroup Dortmund he's a part of.

Thanks to Dariusz Pawlowski, we are receiving some examples of each issue for free now, to be used in the user group. During our meeting yesterday, I opened the first 2 envelopes and we already got 1 example of the past 3 issues, as well as 3 examples of the current issue. The magazine examples will be hosted by Tobias Struckmeier at the eZ Systems GmbH office, so every usergroupy is free to borrow one for some days from there.

PHP Solutions is a developer-oriented magazine that's translated into several languages including English, French, and German.

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