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Loïc Faugeron:
The Ultimate Developer Guide to Symfony - Console
Mar 02, 2016 @ 15:34:21

Loïc Faugeron is back again with another in his "Ultimate Developer Guide" series each focusing on an individual component of the Symfony framework. In this new article he focuses on a very widely used component - the Console component.

In this guide we explore the standalone libraries (also known as "Components") provided by Symfony to help us build applications.

We've already seen: HTTP Kernel and HTTP Foundation, Event Dispatcher, Routing and YAML [and] Dependency Injection. We're now about to check the last one: Console.

He starts with the definition of an Application class and gives an example of using it to make a simple command line script. He talks about some of the built-in features and how to create Command classes that hold the actual functionality in your command-line tool. He finishes up the post by talking about the input, output and styling functionality also included with the component and how they can be used.

tagged: ultimate developer guide symfony component console tutorial

Link: https://gnugat.github.io/2016/03/02/ultimate-symfony-console.html

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