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Evan Coury:
Q&A about software engineering
August 24, 2012 @ 08:57:14

In response to some questions he got from a student, Evan Coury has shared the answers to his questions about software development and engineering:

I found his questions to be well-posed and thoughtful, so I figured I'd post my responses as a blog post. I'll be sending this post to Jordan, so if anyone has additional comments or advice for the kid, please feel free to leave some wisdom in the comments!

Some of the questions include:

  • Describe the duties and responsibilities of someone working in software engineering.
  • Do you have assignments that seem to drag on forever, or are they usually pretty quick?
  • Are there any specific tools or equipment required for your job?
  • What are the advantages/disadvantages?
  • So do most people work for themselves, private industry, or the government?

You can read Evan's answers to these and more in the full post.

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software engineering interview school answers

Laura Thompson:
The dark craft of engineering management
August 08, 2012 @ 09:44:21

Laura Thompson has a new post to her site about the "dark craft" of engineering management and of her thoughts as to why it's as much a "craft" as writing the actual code.

Why is management a craft? It's a craft for the same reasons engineering is a craft. You can read all the books you want on something but crafts are learned by getting your hands in it and getting them dirty. Crafts have rough edges, and shortcuts, and rules of thumb, and things that are held together with duct tape. The product of craft is something useful and pleasing.

She goes on to fill out her description of what it really means to manage a development group including providing devs with the resources they need to master the subject and allowing them the autonomy to solve problems without having to be involved in every decision. You can read the rest of her thoughts here.

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Rafe Colburn's Blog:
A list of engineering blogs
May 25, 2012 @ 08:54:19

On his blog today Rafe Colburn shares a list of engineering blogs he follows to keep up with various technologies companies are using and the interesting things they find out in using them.

One of my favorite technology trends of the past few years has been the emergence of engineering blogs. They are, mostly, a recruiting tool, but that doesn't mean that you can't learn a lot about how companies operating at varying levels of maturity and scale go about their business.

Some of the blogs on his list include:

You can check out the full list here.

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engineering blog list

Greg Wilson's Blog:
If You''e Going to Teach an Undergrad Intro to Software Engineering...
June 13, 2011 @ 11:56:43

Greg Wilson has an interesting new post with some of the recommendations he made to a friend about recommended reading for a software engineering teacher so they could be one step ahead of their students.

I got mail yesterday from a former student of a friend of mine who has just been told that he has to teach an "Intro to Software Engineering" class this fall to a bunch of third-year undergraduates. He's not an SE guy-his background is operating systems-so he asked me what he should read to get one step ahead of his future students. As regular readers will know, I don't think much of most traditional software engineering books: I've never seen most of what's in them in the real world, and most of what I've needed to know hasn't been in them.

Included in his books of recommended reading are things like:

Take a look at the full post for the rest of his list and a bit about why he chose each.

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teach software engineering book recommendation

Job Posting:
Next Internet Seeks Engineering Manager (San Francisco, CA)
September 11, 2007 @ 11:09:00

As posted on Terry Chay's blog:

Company Next Internet
Location San Francisco, CA
Title Engineering Manager

Next Internet is seeking an Engineering Manager for one of our fast growing companies in San Francisco, who is experienced in Internet marketing and advertising network startups with a keen interest in building out the world's best transaction platform. You will be responsible for building and developing the DNA within the company. The individual will be a key member of the engineering management team and will have substantial financial and career development upside.

The successful candidate must be a self-starter and possess competitive technical and communication skills to carry out his/her job assignments. The successful candidate is expected to have minimum of 4 years of solid working experience with Internet advertising application architect/developer and will have be extremely hands-on and be willing to get "dirty" to help the business grow.

We are currently developing a pre and post transaction platform for our client's customers all over the world. These range from order abandonment notifications, order shipment notifications, to promotional offers, to highly personalized recommendations. The Technology Platform team is responsible for all systems related to generation to our customers world-wide.

The systems include:

  • Our core internal automated system, responsible for prioritizing, scheduling and campaigns every day. These campaigns are generated by both completely automated personalized targeting systems as well as by individual retail merchandisers across the company.
  • Our marketing and segmentation tools used by hundreds of business and technical users across the company.
  • Our outbound infrastructure.


  • The ideal candidate will have strong development skills, with experience in designing and architecting scalable high-performance systems and services that are also flexible, reliable and maintainable
  • Extensive Startup Experience
  • Experience with transport systems such as Strongmail, PowerMTA, Lyris, etc
  • Experience with LAMP open source deployments and ecommerce technology: PHP, Perl, Python, MySQL, Postgres, Ruby, etc
  • They will have excellent problem-solving skills, a solid understanding of computer science fundamentals, along with a quantitative mindset
  • Database skills and experience with large-scale multi-tiered distributed systems are also highly desired

This position offers a competitive base salary and bonus program, stock options, and other comprehensive benefits.If you want to work at a company where numbers continue to grow exponentially in every positive aspect, the environment/culture is awesome, the people are friendly and are constantly smiling, laughing, and actually look forward to going into work every day, this is the place to be!

For immediate consideration, please submit a cover letter and resume to jobs [at] this site. Please put "Engineering Manager" in the subject field. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Link More Information
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engineering manager nextinternet sanfrancisco ca job post engineering manager nextinternet sanfrancisco ca job post

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