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ServerGrove Blog:
Creating indexes for your Doctrine ODM documents with Symfony 2
October 08, 2010 @ 08:24:41

On the ServerGrove blog there's a new post showing you how to create indexes for your Doctrine ODM documents in a Symfony 2 application.

Creating indexes in NoSQL / Document-based databases is quite different compared to traditional relational databases. Since the former are schema-less (there is no table creation), indexes do not get created when the collection or the document is created or inserted. Here is a quick tip that will create all the indexes defined in your documents when using Symfony 2 and Doctrine ODM for MongoDB. Indexes are a great way to speed up your queries, in fact, it is a crime not to include them in your documents.

Adding the index is as easy as putting a new annotation on the property in its document class (for @Index) and run a bit of code in Symfony to build it out. The two lines you'll need to execute are included in the post.

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