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A Quick PHP XMLWriter Class Tutorial XML & RSS
January 19, 2009 @ 11:19:52

The has posted today looking to introduce you to a powerful XML creation tool in PHP5 installations - XMLWriter.

They jump right in and show it in action by creating a simple RSS document with one element inside. A call to the flush() method on your XMLWriter object is all it takes to output the XML.

They also change things up and bit and swap out the procedural code for a more object-oriented approach with a constructor that sets up the object and adds in some of the common RSS information. Their addItem() method is called to add in a sample item (in this case, an entry for a CD player product) and _endRSS() closes things off and runs that flush() to send it all back out.

You can find out more about XMLWriter (and its sister, XMLReader) in the PHP manual.

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