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Elizabeth Smith's Blog:
Xdebug, Thread Safety, and PHP 5.3
March 20, 2009 @ 14:42:05

Elizabeth Smith has a quick tip for those out there working with PHP 5.3 and its thread-safe mode.

There have been some changes to internal PHP stuff for 5.3, and some don't always show up unless you're looking at your compile logs and testing with thread safety on. Currently Xdebug will crash and burn if you're using it with 5.3 and ZTS on.

Her solution came in the form of a PHP 5.3 only patch for XDebug and threads. If you're on Windows, you can also grab the patched compile to make things all better again.

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Community News:
Lead PHP Developer Quits
July 28, 2006 @ 06:10:07

According to this new post on Slashdot, one of the lead developers of the Zend Engine has quit.

Jani Taskinen, one of the lead developers of the Zend Engine (the engine that powers PHP), as well as a lead developer for the thread safety system and other core components of the PHP project, has quit in a relatively cryptic message to the php-internals mailing list. Jani has been involved with PHP for about 6 years and his loss will undoubtedly be a big blow for the PHP project.

As the server is apparently slowing down amazingly from the Slashdot exposure, here's a paste of the message for those interested. It's definitely a great loss to the community as a whole, and here's to hoping that someone will step up and take a place in this unfortunate hole in the development process.

If you'd like to find out more about Jani Taskinen, check out this summary of some of his contributions.

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