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Job Posting:
PoR, Inc Seeks PHP/MySQL Developer (Telecommute)
Jul 30, 2008 @ 13:41:37

Company PoR, Inc.
Location Telecommute (company in Denver, Colorado)
Title PHP/MySQL developer

We are an established, energetic SaaS software company serving some of the biggest names in technology today. We seeking a full-time PHP/MySQL developer to join our development team. Primary responsibilities include troubleshooting our core framework and application, modifying database schema and managing data sets, feature development and client support (there is no direct client contact).

We mainly work with object-oriented PHP, MySQL and Javascript in a LAMP environment, but we also do a lot of interesting work with XML, SOAP, Flash/embedded media, SMTP and UI design. The person we are looking for:

  • Has a strong desire to master all aspects of their profession.
  • Has excellent communication skills and strong attention to detail.
  • Is an organized self-starter with a demonstrable ability to take initiative.
  • Has a good understanding of object-oriented PHP development using a MySQL back-end (PHP5/MySQL5) and the PHP language itself as well as familiarity the MVC model.
  • Has a good understanding of Javascript and DOM manipulation including cross-browser compatibility issues.
  • Has a good understanding of XML, HTML and CSS including cross-browser issues.
  • Is comfortable working in a Unix/Linux command-line environment.
  • Has experience with a source control system such as CVS or Subversion.
  • Has basic Unix/Linux+Apache server administration knowledge.
  • Is very confident in their ability to work successfully on a large, complex project.

Other helpful skills are:

  • Previous experience it a telecommuting position.
  • Proficiency manipulating complex data using Microsoft Excel (formulas, macros, etc.).
  • Experience with Flash/ActionScript development.
  • Understanding of Ajax/XML_HTTP_REQUEST communication.
  • RedHat Linux server administration knowledge (Postfix/Dovecot, SSH/SFTP, networking, user management, software installation) would be a great bonus.
  • Experience using a PHP template engine.
  • Experience using the Zend framework.
  • Experience using PHPDocumentor.
  • Experience using PHPUnit or other testing frameworks.
  • Experience with Salesforce.com custom application development.

If you are interested in this position please send your resume and cover letter in a Microsoft Word compatible format, as well as some code samples demonstrating your knowledge of PHP development concepts such as object-oriented development, SQL development, using programming concepts to simplify complex problems, use of code documentation/comments, exception handling, SQL injection protection, input validation, etc. (we don't expect code samples to cover all of these examples but they should show a clear understanding of the issues involved with web-software development). Also, please include a written explanation of your code and how it should work.

* If you do not have any code to submit that is not covered by an NDA or other confidentiality agreement please include that information with your resume and we can provide you a small set of requiremnts for a simple program you can write instead.
** This is a full-time salaried position, we will not respond to contractors or staffing firms.
*** This is a telecommuting position, you must be self-motivated and able to work productively without supervision.

Contact: Please send cover-letter, resume and code samples to our Human Resources department (hr@referencestor.com)

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