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Pierre-Alain Joye's Blog:
Prominent PHP Users (developers), do your homework or be humble/keep quiet
November 09, 2006 @ 10:32:00

A bit fed up with some of the developers out there, Pierre has posted some symptoms and suggestions for those who don't "do their homework" before opening their mouth (or keyboards).

It becomes more than annoying to read slides or blog posts from some prominent member of the PHP Community about things they do not know. It is for a warning. It is not aimed to be diplomatic or to target any particular person or group of persons (even if some are obvious ;-). But one thing is sure, we have to worry about what we say about other projects or other developers work.

He asks questions of these sorts of people (like "why do you talk about something but has little/no clue about it?" or "why do you wait the day of the release to talk about possible issues?") and some solutions to these sorts of problems:

  • learn what you are talking about and keep your knowledge up to date (especially for new features, they change a lot during the first year)
  • Your talks or blogs are no bug report, mail php-internal, report a bug or ping the devs on IRC (idle is also not productive)
  • Don't wait the release day to make your own promotion on our backs. All PHP releases may introduce new issues, that's why we have RC.

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