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PHP is not a Swiss Army Knife, quit calling it that.
October 11, 2011 @ 09:53:55

New on the php|architect site today, there's a post from Cal Evans with his opinion of the PHP language - "it's not a Swiss Army Knife, quit calling it that."

I've heard a lot of people compare PHP to a Swiss Army Knife. You know the ones, 5 blades, a corkscrew, a saw...and the obligatory toothpick that you will lose so you might as well take it out now and just throw it away. Why anyone would consider PHP to be like this is beyond me. [...] A Swiss Army Knife undergoes a lot of design work before it is released. It is well designed. [...] A Swiss Army Knife is polished and refined. [...] No, PHP is none of those things, it is not purposefully designed, it is not polished, and it is not bulky.

In his opinion, if PHP was any tool, it'd be more of a screwdriver - the good kind that's stood the test of time and has worked again and again, despite what was demanded. He points out that yes, you can do stupid things with PHP, but that's true of any language - quit blaming the language for your bad mistakes.

PHP is a more widely used language on the web for one very good reason, when you need to get something done, it's always there in your toolbox, ready for you to take out, abuse in new ways and then put away.
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Community News:
Mambo Lead Developer Quits
May 08, 2006 @ 09:42:39

According to this post on his blog today, one of the board memebers from the Mambo project, Martin N Brampton is formally leaving his position.

I now feel it necessary to resign from the Board of the Mambo Foundation with immediate effect. Since joining the Board, a number of minor irregularities have been evident, and not all of them have been rectified even though I have sought to raise them. It is apparent that early decisions were taken by exchange of email and no records were kept. Present banking arrangements breach the Foundation's rules.

In terms of fundamental principles, there is a considerable concern in my mind that the Board is not informing itself about the members wishes, and not making decisions that fully take account of their interests. I see this as a breach of trust.

He goes on to talk about some of the ongoing issues that the Board faced, including misinformation about trademark issues and their change to allow the membership of the Foundation to suggest rule changes.

As the majority decisions being made by the Board conflict with my understanding of those obligations, I cannot continue as a Board member any longer. As there was no resolution to appoint me to the Board, I am unsure how you will handle my resignation. I will remain a member of the Foundation and continue with my work in Mambo development.

For the complete story, check out this official release...

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