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Loïc Faugeron:
Mars Rover, Locating package
Sep 14, 2016 @ 14:51:52

Loïc Faugeron continues his long running series covering the creation of a "Mars Rover" package to help teach programming fundamentals. In this latest tutorial he starts on the last use case in the project: requesting the location of the "rover".

In this series we're building the software of a Mars Rover, according to the following specifications. It allows us to practice the followings: Monolithic Repositories (MonoRepo), Command / Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS), Event Sourcing (ES) and Test Driven Development (TDD). We've already developed the first use case about landing the rover on mars, and the second one about driving it. We're now going to start developing the last one, requesting its location:

Mars rover will be requested to give their current location (x and y coordinates and the orientation).

In this article we're going to create a new package for the location logic.

He starts by giving a justification as to why a new package is being created just for the location requests (when the navigation package could just be asked for that information). With that explained, he starts in on creating the new package and its tests with phpspec. He then adds this package into the current project's Composer configuration and updates the phpspec configuration to tell it about the newly creates code.

tagged: mars rover tutorial series location package phpspec

Link: https://gnugat.github.io/2016/09/14/mars-rover-locating-package.html

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