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Good guidance for shifting to OO from Procedural coding
Mar 19, 2013 @ 12:33:29

On Reddit.com there's a conversation kicked off by user swiftpants about making the move from procedural PHP programming to the world of object-oriented programming. They ask for advice from the community for the next steps to take to make the jump.

One thing I always have in the back of my head is that all my code is procedural and I should be making use of classes and ?? more. I have a very basic understanding of OO programming but I rarely implement it. Is there a good book or online guide that can get me on my way to OO programming in php. I am especially looking for feed back from self taught programmers.

There's lots of comments on the post talking about everything from:

  • Introductory videos from KillerPHP
  • Reading lots of other people's (OOP) code
  • That OOP is more about code reusing and simplicity (DRY) than abstraction.
  • You can learn a lot by working with one of the MVC/OO frameworks. Download one and build something.
  • The suggestion of phptherightway.com

Have any other thoughts on the best ways to learn OOP in PHP? Share them here!

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