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Jani Hartikainen's Blog:
Exceptions and abstraction
August 16, 2010 @ 09:59:45

Jani Hartikainen has a few suggestions on how to handle exceptions in your application - more specifically how to handle them in your classes and still keep proper abstraction.

So you already know how to handle your errors properly. Even if you're already using exceptions, there are some nuances to the use of exceptions that are important to know and understand in order to write code that is easier to reuse and more decoupled. Let's talk about exceptions and how they relate to your classes and abstraction.

He looks at classes/abstraction, how they relate to normal and custom exceptions and how to design your code better to wrap exceptions in custom handlers to make maintainability even easier. He also suggests catching everything in more general exceptions as well, giving you an overall way to handle abstracted exceptions.

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