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Returning Strings from Views with Code Igniter
April 10, 2009 @ 08:43:41

DevShed has posted the next in their "Introduction to CodeIgniter" series - this new tutorial about returning strings back from the views of your application.

Speaking more specifically, it's possible to feed the "$this->load->view()" method of CI a third Boolean parameter, to return the contents of a view to calling code after the view has been parsed. This is a handy variation of the method demonstrated in the previous article, and in this tutorial I'll be taking a close look at it, so you can grasp its underlying logic.

This technique could be useful when you want to render a certain block of code but don't want the application to have to reparse and rerender it. Pass the information to one view call, return the output back into a variable and push that back out into a main view any number of times.

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