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Job Posting:
Apex Systems (Recruiter) Seeks PHP Web Developers (Tampa, FL)
Oct 22, 2008 @ 20:48:58

Company Apex Systems (Recruiter)
Location Tampa, FL
Title PHP Web Application Developer

Required Skills

  • PHP, MySQL, JavaScript
  • E-Commerce and/or highly transactional databases
  • UNIX exp w/Sun/Solaris or Linux
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • LAMP and PDF.Lib a plus
  • Bachelors preferred.
  • 1-5 years experience.
  • May accept equivalent education and experience combined.
  • Typical background requirements include knowledge in the field of computer science along with advanced knowledge of various web-enabling computer languages.
  • Problems follow a standard pattern but involve a variety of administrative and/or technical solutions.
  • Utilize thorough technical and theoretical understanding of several techniques to complete assigned tasks.
  • Understand and reproducibly follow documented procedures; provide input for process/documentation improvements.
  • Recognizes, anticipates and resolves problems.


  • Designs and constructs web pages/sites including incorporating graphic user interface (GUI) features and other techniques.
  • Maintains and provides ongoing design of the website.
  • Interviews clients to help them clarify goals.
  • Designs digitized images, banners, bullets, charts, image maps and other graphics to enhance appearance of site.
  • Applies knowledge of programming techniques and computer internet systems.
  • Custom tailors a plan for site using combination of graphic and written material, and modifies proposal as necessary.
  • Writes, or edits and formats, copy to present message effectively.
  • Designs screen displays to accomplish goals of site.
  • Provides specifications, using flowcharts and diagrams, into sequence of detailed instructions and logical steps for coding into language that can be processed by computer.
  • Converts project specifications into sequence of detailed instructions and logical steps for coding into language that can be processed by computer, applying knowledge of computer programming techniques and computer languages.
  • Applies knowledge of database design standards and database management.
  • Programs, runs and tests programs.
  • Determines if project requires new programs or modifying existing programs that access data stored in databases.
  • Replaces, deletes, or modifies codes to correct errors.
  • Writes documentation to describe program development, logic, coding, and corrections.
  • Assists in solving operating problems with site.
  • Reads manuals, periodicals, and technical reports to learn ways to develop programs.
  • Manages version control s/w including test to production promotion model.
  • Modifies/compiles underlying system components (e.g. Apache, )
  • Designs and implements new databases.
  • Generally supervised environment.
  • Effort requires following well-defined standards.
  • Decisions and actions may affect programs or projects.
  • Budgets own time to carry out assigned duties.
  • Multiple but similar tasks requiring some choices from among clearly defined alternatives.
  • Differing but recurring problems and/or duties.
  • Required procedural proficiency and attention to policies and guidelines.
  • Thinking may be guided by standard practices.
  • Key benchmark: procedural proficiency, thinking guided by standard practices.
  • Individual performance of or supervision of several different activities usually in a single function.
  • Requires integration and coordination of work.

Contact Phil Buell of Apex Systems for more information or to submit a resume - (813) 281-8800 or Pbuell@Apexsystemsinc.com

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