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Joe Ferguson:
PHP User Group Sticker Exchange 2016
Sep 01, 2016 @ 14:18:32

Joe Ferguson has posted an interesting idea to help build more community around the various PHP user groups all around the world: a sticker exchange.

I started a thread on the PHP UG Admins email list of doing a User Group sticker exchange and the idea took off pretty quickly. The idea is that user groups that want to participate send stickers to a central location. Stickers are then broken up into packets where every group that sent stickers will receive a packet of stickers from all the other user groups. The goal would be for every user group to send ~50 stickers (Some are sending much more).

Different people in different regions are working on handling the distribution to other local user groups (like Michelangelo Van Dam and Francesco Fullone). If you're a user group, have some stickers and would like to participate, you can sign up using this form and one of the organizers of the exchange will be in touch with you shortly.

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Link: https://www.joeferguson.me/php-user-group-sticker-exchange-2016/

Christian Flickinger's Blog:
Ruby on Fails (story and stickers!)
Sep 19, 2008 @ 16:17:18

As a new meme was launched at this year's Zend/PHP Conference & Expo and, while it's not directly related to PHP, it was still very warmly accepted by the community - Christian Flickinger's "Fails" logos (see here). He's written up a post about it for his blog too:

So, a week before PHP|TEK 2008 I came up with the genius idea to take the Ruby on Rails logo, which is protected against re-use (hahaha), and parody it. I wanted to express my views of Ruby on Rails (though never have using RoR) through this modification.

I took the logo and simply changed the "R" to an "F" using a font that was almost identical to the original.

You can ask anyone that was at ZendCon this year about them - they were everywhere. Christian did a great job on a simple parody that shares the sentiment of many members of the PHP community (and others outside I'm sure). He has them for sale on his etsy shop if you'd like to pick up some of your own.

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