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New PHPDeveloper.org Mailing List!
Sep 06, 2018 @ 16:09:25

One of the comments that we get here on PHPDeveloper.org is that it's hard to keep up with all of the posts each day and not miss anything. For those on Twitter, we do auto-post to the @phpdeveloper Twitter account but not everyone is on Twitter. There's also our RSS feed for those that are more feed-inclined but there's been a piece missing.

If RSS feeds or Twitter weren't really your thing, you'd need to visit the site regularly just to see all of the posts. Not everyone has time for that so we're introducing yet another method that you, our loyal readers, can get the latest news from the PHP community: the PHPDeveloper.org Newsletter.

The goal, at least for the initial version of the newsletter, is to provide links to all of the stories that have been posted during the week delivered directly to your inbox. Don't worry, neither the RSS feed or our Twitter account are going away - this is just an additional something to make getting the news you want even easier.

Sign up for the newsletter and you'll receive a weekly digest of all of the news posted during the week right here on PHPDeveloper.org.

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Link: https://eepurl.com/cRgCVX

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