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That Podcast:
Episode 9: The one that wasn't invented here
Oct 31, 2014 @ 17:53:48

The latest episode of That Podcast, hosted by PHP community members Beau Simensen and Dave Marshall, has been posted - Episode 9: The one that wasn't invented here.

Beau and Dave give updates on their recent shenanigans, conferences, health, talk about the NIH and cloning discussions that have been had recently in the community, side projects, games, and two factor auth.

Topics mentioned in this episode (it's a long list, but here's a few) include:

You can listen to this latest episode either through the in-page player or by downloading the mp3 itself. If you enjoy the episode and want to hear more, be sure to subscribe to their feed to get the latest.

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Link: http://thatpodcast.io/episodes/episode-9-the-one-that-wasn-t-invented-here/

Gaylord Aulke's Blog:
PHP vs. Java
May 19, 2008 @ 17:57:56

In a new post to his blog Gaylord Aulke talks about some of the "soft facts" that make PHP different from Java:

Besides the usual aspects: scripting vs. compiled and in-process vs. seperate process and Multithreading etc., i think there are some "soft facts" that might be even more important for commercial software development.

He points out things like differences in object lifetimes, defined structures in applications and the "not invented here" syndrome that he thinks PHP suffers more from.

Anyway, the result is: Even though there are not so many standards in the PHP world, successful developers have a common understanding about the do's and don'ts in PHP. [...] PHP appears more predictable than other programming languages.
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