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PHP devs -What are your 'must have' tools and apps?
Jun 23, 2014 @ 12:54:45

If you're a PHP developer and are looking for some new tools to "up your game" and improve your development life, check out this new post to /r/php on Reddit.com. Developers of all kinds have shared tools they've found useful in their own development (and maybe you can too).

In other words, what tools make your development life easier and why? Can be anything from database design to FTP clients to workflow planners. Which tools can you just not live without?

Among the many tools on the list are things like:

  • PHP CodeSniffer
  • PHPUnit
  • IDEs like PHPStorm, Netbeans and editors like Sublime Text
  • Git
  • Composer
  • Vagrant/VirtualBox
  • Xdebug
  • Redis
  • Behat

Check out the full post for the complete (and growing) list.

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Link: http://www.reddit.com/r/PHP/comments/28r11n/php_devs_what_are_your_must_have_tools_and_apps/

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