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GetStream.io Blog:
Build Scalable Newsfeeds with PHP 7 and Laravel – in 60 Minutes
Aug 01, 2016 @ 17:56:57

In a recent post to their blog GetStream.io shows you how to build scalable news feeds with Laravel (and their service).

With all the excitement around the release of PHP 7 – here at Stream we have decided to give our own PHP a refresher – from our client, example apps, and Laravel framework integration. The original Stream PHP example application is built upon Laravel 5.0, as well as a branch for use in Laravel 4. We’re happy to say that the Stream-Laravel framework integration is compatible with 5.2 – and if you follow this post, we’ll be building an example application that works with 5.2 using Stream-Laravel.

The tutorial then goes through all the steps and tools you'll need to get a complete application environment set up:

  • Create LEMP Stack Droplet in DigitalOcean
  • Installing and Configuring PHP 7
  • Laravel 5.2 Quickstart Example Application Setup
  • Integrating Stream via Stream-Laravel into Quickstart Example

The end result is a basic social app that allows for basic feed functionality and includes the ability to follow/unfollow certain users.

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Link: http://blog.getstream.io/build-scalable-newsfeeds-with-php-7-and-laravel-in-60-minutes/

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