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A Deeper Look at Laravel’s Localization
Jul 03, 2018 @ 18:22:31

On the Pineco.de site they've posted a new tutorial covering the use of Laravel's localization functionality to more easily develop multilingual applications.

Laravel’s localization functionality is a huge help when we are developing multilingual applications. But still there are some less known features, so let’s take a more in-depth look to explore them.

First of all, we wrote an article about pushing the translation mechanism to your front-end. Also, we have a package that covers all the functionality on the front-end for you. Now in this post, we will cover the array based localization, not the JSON one. If you are more interested in the JSON based translations, you can find the docs here.

They start with some of the basics of the helper functions Laravel provides to work with localization of strings and how to use "translation parameters". It then goes on to show examples of pluralization handling and finishes by mentioning a few other features for returning more translation data and the @lang Blade directive.

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Link: https://pineco.de/a-deeper-look-at-laravels-localization/

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