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Stefan Mischook's Blog:
Turning on display_errors in WAMP - Video Tutorial
August 31, 2007 @ 07:55:00

Stefan Mischook has posted another video tutorial to help developers get started in their PHP travels. This time it covers how to turn on errors when using the popular WAMP installation package.

Within a WAMP installation, I ran into a little issue today when trying to change php.ini's 'display_errors' property. By default WAMP installs with 'display_errors' to 'Off' - This is a pain-in-the-ass setting when trying to write new PHP code because errors don't get displayed in the browser window

He includes the solution in the post but links as well to the video tutorial to show you exactly how it's done.

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wamp video tutorial enable error display wamp video tutorial enable error display

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