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David Coallier's Blog:
PHP Namespaces (Part 1 Basic usage & gotchas)
August 20, 2007 @ 15:12:00

David Coallier has posted his look at the namespace support that will be included with PHP6, specifically some examples of their basic usage and things to look out for when using them in your applications.

Well, PHP has namespaces now! Time to start educating people on that long awaited feature and for the people that already do know namespaces from C++, you also need to read this, it's simple, but will give you the basic syntax.

He starts with things like "what is a namespace?" or "what are they used for?" before getting into the syntax. The next step up is explaining how they work - he uses an example project, ProjectOne, with its namespace definition and an example script (invoke.php) that uses this class (including the new "import" keyword and the double-colon namespace separator).

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