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Read your e-mail with PHP!
Jul 14, 2006 @ 17:04:21

PHPit.net offers up yet another fine tutorial for your learning pleasure - this time with a focus on email, reading it that is in Read your e-mail with PHP (catchy, eh?).

E-mail is something we use every day, and almost everyone has their own e-mail address. To read our e-mail most of us tend to use something like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird, but it's also possible to use PHP to read your e-mail. In this tutorial you will learn how.

I will take you through all the steps necessary to read your e-mail with PHP, and show you how to display all the newest e-mails in your inbox.

They use the POP3 class from PHPClasses.org to do most of the work, from connecting to thse server, logging in, grabing stats (like the number of emails), and grabbing and parsing out each email's data.

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