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Ozh's Blog:
PHP and GD - Emulate Gradient Fill
February 14, 2006 @ 06:54:19

On Ozh's site,, today, there's this handy little post dealing with the creation of gradients in PHP with the help of GD.

Here is a small PHP function I wrote that emulates a gradient fill of an image.

Disclaimer : there are probably existing alternatives or classes, maybe in PEAR. I didn't check. I wanted to write a function myself, as part of my GD training grounds.

The script is simple enough, and only uses four different variable values to make the patterns. There are a few examples of the end result in the form of a basic square output, but (as he mentions) it can be used just as easily in other situations. The source code is availible in either plain-text or in a .phps style file.

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gd graphics library emulate gradient fill gd graphics library emulate gradient fill

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