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A Decade of PHP (Part 2)
Jun 08, 2005 @ 11:21:24

I know there was mention of it yesterday, but today's the actual day of celebration, so here's to you PHP and all of the people that have made these past ten years wonderful and given us all we asked for any more in our favorite web language.

I suppose, like everyone, I should chime in with how things started out for me with PHP: I was a Perl kind of guy until a friend/coworker of mine (who now works with me again) introduced me to PHP back in college. At the time, I think it was just rolling over to PHP3, and things were still a little messy, but I didn't care. I'd just finished learning HTML (man, that does seem like a long time ago) and PHP was a great next step. Not too long after I learned the language, this site found its footing. I started PHPDeveloper.org back in 2000 and, honestly, had no idea that things would get this large. I'm so glad that this site has turned into a resource for the PHP community - even if it's not the largest out there. I've been happy to give back where I can.

So, here's to another ten wonderful years with PHP and all of the great enhancements that go with it!

Here's what a few others have to say on this momentous occasion:

What's your story? I'd love to hear from anyone and everyone - where was your first brush with PHP? How long have you been using it? What are some of the cooler things that you've done with it in the past 10 years?



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