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Oh Dear Blog:
How to size & scale your Laravel Queues
Nov 02, 2018 @ 18:17:03

On the "Oh Dear!" service's blog there's a recent post covering the use of queues in a Laravel application and how to size and scale them to most effectively use the resources you have.

Laravel offers a convenient way to create asynchronous background tasks using its queues. We utilize those heavily at Oh Dear! for all our monitoring jobs and in this post we'll share some of our lessons learned and what we consider to be best practices.

The post starts out with an introduction to queues and their handling in Laravel applications, pushing jobs into workers to be executed. While a simple single-worker queue can handle a decent amount of work, problems can arise as the work grows larger. He mentions splitting up the work as a potential solution and defines the differences between "fast" and "slow" jobs to act as a dividing line for the queues. He also makes the suggestion of single-purpose queues based on types and, finally, mixing in the idea of a better user experience through immediate feedback.

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Link: https://ohdear.app/blog/how-to-size-scale-your-laravel-queues

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