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Easily Add Social Logins to Your App with Socialite
Apr 06, 2017 @ 16:57:20

In the latests post to the SitePoint PHP blog *Reza Lavaryan * shows you how to use Socialite to add social logins to your Laravel application. Unfortunately the Socialite package cannot be used outside of Laravel.

Laravel Socialite is a package developed to abstract away any social authentication complexities and boilerplate code into a fluent and expressive interface.

Socialite only supports Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Github, and Bitbucket as OAuth providers. They won’t be adding any others to the list, however, there’s a community-driven collection called Socialite Providers, which contains plenty of unofficial providers for Socialite. More on this in the next section.

He starts off with the generation of the standard "auth" handling in Laravel using the "make:auth" artisan command. He then uses Composer to pull in the Socialite package and updates the Laravel configuration to enable it. Next up is the configuration for the different social services and migrations you'll need to make for database changes (on users table and adding a new "social logins" table). Next come the updates to the models, controllers, routes and providers to hook Socailite into the authentication process. To illustrate the overall flow, they show how to hook the application into GitHub as an auth source. The post finishes out talking about custom providers, using one to authenticate against Spotify and how to create your own.

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Link: https://www.sitepoint.com/easily-add-social-logins-to-your-app-with-socialite/

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