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Zend Framework Bites:
Episode 1 (Zend Expressive & Middleware)
Mar 30, 2016 @ 16:51:40

There's a new podcast to add to the mix that's posted its first episode: Zend Framework Bites from Matthew Setter of the Free The Geek podcast.

Quick bites of Zend Framework. Find out what's going on, what's new, and how to use it, in less time than it takes to drink a coffee. [...] Today let’s look at the latest iteration of Zend Framework - Zend Expressive. Specifically, I'm talking about one of the core concepts - middleware.

You can listen to this quick bite of quality Zend Framework content using the in-page audio player or you can subscribe a few different ways including iTunes and RSS.

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Link: https://www.briefs.fm/zend-framework-bites/2

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