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Cloudways Blog:
Laravel Expert Dries Vints Converses About Frameworks, IDEs & Community
Mar 21, 2016 @ 17:07:44

The Cloudways blog has posted another in their series of community interviews today. This time they talk with Dries Vints, an active member of the Laravel community.

Dries Vints is a Lead Developer at BeatSwitch, a festival management software. He maintains the Laravel.io community portal as well. He has been the publisher of Laravel Weekly. He is the creator of Lock, a popular PHP ACL package. He is living and working in Antwerp, Belgium.

In the interview Dries answers questions about:

  • His own career and history as a developer
  • His work at BeatSwitch and the Lock library
  • When he first discovered Laravel
  • Opinions on the Laravel and PHP communities
  • Some of his own hobbies and interests

You can check out the full interview with answers to these and more questions about Dries.

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Link: http://www.cloudways.com/blog/laravel-expert-dries-vints-interview/

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