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What great advantages does Python have over PHP?
May 08, 2015 @ 14:49:06

There's an interesting post in the /r/php subreddit asking the PHP developers out there a serious (non-trolling) question: What great advantages does Python have over PHP?.

All over I see people saying that Python is better than PHP, but as a programmer that has tried Python I don't see its great advantages. Can you guys please help me here.

There's already over 50 comments on the post with a wide range of answers including:

  • that Python is "more mainstream" in the world of *nix tools
  • the culture of Python's community for installing extensions
  • features Python includes like a "consistent API, sane error handling, keyword args..."

There's also an interesting "sub-discussion" happening around the sanity of Python's OOP system. Check out the full post for more or to voice your own opinion.

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Link: http://www.reddit.com/r/PHP/comments/357zlx/what_great_advantages_does_python_have_over_php/

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