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TIOBE: PHP is coming back
Jul 10, 2013 @ 17:22:02

According to this new post on the Pixelstech site, PHP is "making a comeback" with an increase in popularity since it was last measured on the TIOBE index.

TIOBE released the programming language index for July 2013. The highlight of this month is that PHP is coming back. It ranks the fifth and has an increase of 1.54% compared to January. There are no changes in the ranking for the top 4 languages. The reason why PHP is back may be attributed to the new PHP Zend Framework that was released in September 2012, but this reason is not very convincing.

The post includes the list of the top twenty languages ordered by popularity with C, Java, Objective-C and C++ coming in at the four spots above PHP now.

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Link: http://www.pixelstech.net/article/1373365267_TIOBE%3A_PHP_is_coming_back

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