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ZendDbSql - Creating Joins and Unions with Ease
Jul 01, 2013 @ 14:41:51

On the MaltBlue.com blog Matthew Setter has a new post about the ZendDbSql component of Zend Framework 2, specifically related to making easy joins and unions. This is the second part of his series on this component.

In the first part of this series on ZendDbSqlSelect, we jumped the gun a bit and went straight in to looking at building Where clauses. We looked at a number of the predicates that are available to us, such as In, Between and EqualTo and saw just how easy ZendDbSqlSelect makes both building and maintaining queries. In this, the second part, we’re backtracking a bit and looking at Joins and a slightly more esoteric feature of SQL – UNIONs. By the end of today’s tutorial, you’ll be building some pretty good queries that should satisfy most of your daily requirements.

He starts with a look at joins, showing in several code examples the various kinds - inner, outer, left and right (as well as self joins). He then moves on to unions, intersects and excerpts with examples of each.

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Link: http://www.maltblue.com/tutorial/zend-db-sql-creating-joins-and-unions-with-ease

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