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Antonin Januska:
How To Write Code Comments Well
August 20, 2012 @ 10:17:42

In this new post Antonin Januska shares some reminders about what good code comments should look like - what needs to go in and what needs to stay out (you comment all your code, right?)

Code organization is a huge thing, especially for developers (because they deal with code), and often times it's a philosophical debate as to how code should be documented, if spaces should be used instead of tabs, what kind of documentation should be used and so on. Yet, what no one brings up is the dire issue of COMMENTING. We can all agree that comments are essential (and sometimes used to build half-ass documentation on big systems) but what no one really mentions is the fact that people are crappy commenters.

There's two topics he touches on that (surprisingly) it's easy for developers to forget when writing their code - "be informative" and "use consistent formatting". A lot of the issues could be helped if developers made more use of DocBlock formatting which many IDEs already have support for.

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