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Justin Carmony's Blog:
PHP Workers with Redis & Solo
January 11, 2012 @ 11:50:52

In this latest post to his blog Justin Carmony shares some of his experience using Redis and Solo to asynchronously run queries and return data without the user having to wait.

Sometimes there are situations when you want to parallel process things. Other times you might have a list of tasks to accomplish, and you don't want to make the user wait after pressing a button. This is where "Workers" can come in. They are independent scripts that run along side of your application, performing tasks, or "jobs."

Solo is a very basic Perl script that ensures only one process of a type is running at once. Using this and a PHP library called predis, he shows how to set up workers and add items to your processing queue. The workers themselves run on a cron job and connect to the queue server to see what they need to do. He also throws in some "bells and whistles" - extras that can enhance your worker system: queue monitoring, version numbering and killing workers based on a hash value.

His code examples are posted on his github account and a screencast is included in the post to show the system in action.

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