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There's no reason not to switch to DocBlox
September 01, 2011 @ 13:35:03

On there's a recent post from Giorgio Sironi sharing his opinion on what should be your choice of automatic documentation generation tools in your PHP app, that there's no reason not to switch to DocBlox.

Alessandro Nadalin signals these three options for Api documentation generation, the process of extracting Api informations on classes and methods from a folder full of source code: phpDocumentor, doxygen and DocBlox. A PHP tool, faster than doxygen in implementing new features, and actively developed: these are the factors that made me choose DocBlox as my new default Api documentation mean.

He covers the installation of the tool (from its PEAR channel), some of the features it comes with, a link to their demo and some of his impressions after trying it out on his codebase.

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