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Top 10 phpMyAdmin Tips and Tricks You May Not Know
Feb 09, 2011 @ 18:41:54

In this new article on PHPBuilder.com today, they share ten handy tips that you might not have known you could do with the phpMyAdmin tool.

Despite approaching its 12th birthday, phpMyAdmin is still under active development, with at least one significant version released every year since the project's inception. In fact even after almost a decade of use I still marvel over discovering features which I had no idea existed. In this article I thought I'd highlight 10 useful phpMyAdmin features which may have escaped you during your daily interaction with this fantastic utility.

Making the list of their ten tips are things like:

  • Manage User Privileges
  • Change the Theme
  • Monitor Server Status
  • Create PDF Relational Diagrams
  • Use Your Native Language
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