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Job Posting:
Moontoast Seeks PHP/Symfony Engineer, Contract (Nashville, TN)
Jan 05, 2011 @ 04:13:51

Company Moontoast
Location Nashville, TN
Title PHP/Symfony Engineer, Contract

Who You Are
You have over 3 years of professional work experience developing web applications and you think social is going to change the online world. You are analytical, inquisitive, energetic with a bias toward action, and comfortable with both quantitative and qualitative data. You understand and embrace agile development, and you want to write the best code of your life every time you sit in front of the computer, but still understand the difference between theoretical perfection and working software you can actually deliver.

What You’ll Do
As a contract PHP/Symfony guru for Moontoast, you will be supporting the continued development and maintenance of our flagship Commerce Community product. You will be called upon to perform the following Herculean tasks to that end:

  • Work closely with the Product Manager to determine both what features are feasible and what resources in terms of time, money, and manpower said features will take to get done.
  • Design new features, maintain existing functionality, and execute a whoop-ass product using a boatload of different technologies. Be excited to try new techniques and tech but also recognize the value of the tried-and-true.
  • Respond to bug reports with speed, and test your fixes. For that matter, test everything else too.
  • Communicate your designs to the other team members in a way that everyone understands and will minimize back-and-forth.
  • Collaborate with and rely on the experience and knowledge of the Software Architects, but don’t follow blindly. If you disagree, say so. Discussion never hurt anyone.
  • Respect the best practices and standards of both the industry and the company.
  • Write robust automated tests.
  • Own your work - when you screw up, admit it, fix it, and learn from the experience.
  • Playing the blame game is a waste of time, and nobody likes a complainer.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • >3 years of experience in Web 2.0 app development (Web Services, PHP, Ajax)
  • PHP and OOP expertise. Know your OOP axioms.
  • In-depth knowledge of and experience with Symfony 1.3/1.4 and Doctrine 1.
  • Extensive experience working with RDBMSs (primarily MySQL).
  • Comfort working in a Linux environment, and deep familiarity with a CLI text editor like VIM or EMACS.
  • Strong knowledge of HTTP.
  • Experience working with the git VCS.
  • Working knowledge of client-side technologies like HTML, CSS, & JavaScript.

About Moontoast
Moontoast is a complete social commerce platform that makes social media profitable. Working seamlessly within a brand’s social experience, Moontoast products create deeper connections and conversations through highly interactive communities; streaming, pay-per-view events; and exclusive, private sales clubs. Each product in the Moontoast suite dovetails into the next, creating a virtual funnel designed to increase engagement and spend at each level. Moontoast currently offers three core products for either standalone or integrated implementation— a branded community, embedded store, and private sales club. An extension to the store product, includes features tailored to meet the social commerce needs of the music, retail, and publishing industries, is scheduled to launch in early 2011.

Please send your resume to jobs@moontoast.com.

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