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CodingThis.com Blog:
Quick XML-to-HTML Templating in PHP Using SimpleXML
Nov 11, 2010 @ 19:03:04

New on the CodingThis.com blog there's a post about templating using SimpleXML to parse a basic XML file and push the data into a template.

Since the API method interface is relatively static, I didn’t need to generate it on the fly, so I created a PHP script. I could have used an XSL Transform (XSLT), but instead I decided to use pure PHP. (I’d rather use PHP and realize I have too much power than use XSLT, and realize I don’t have enough. Plus, I love PHP. There’s no shame in sticking with what you know.) [...] The best package I found for my purposes is SimpleXML, which mimics the tree structure of an XML file as a series of embedded objects.

He gives an example of some simple XML returned from his REST API, how parsed it and a foreach loop to go through the methods and output the HTML with the correct values.

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