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Zend Developer Zone:
Web2project Then and Now
October 11, 2010 @ 10:15:12

On the Zend Developer Zone, there's a post from Keith Casey about an open source project he's worked on for the past three years has made it to get where it is. This also includes some of the challenges they faced and how they've made sure the code's gotten better over time.

When most people think of Open Source PHP projects, some immediately spring to mind. If you're a developer or a blogger, there are obvious choices, but what about options for small to medium businesses? What Open Source projects are out there to help with day to day operations and track how projects are going?

The project, web2project, started as a fork of another project but has taken on a life of its own. They looked at what the users wanted and added iCal feeds and the idea of "hooks" developers could use to attach their own components into the project's structure. They also added loads of unit tests to ensure that things were kept stable as well as some more advanced time handling via the DateTime object PHP has to offer. If you'd like to see the current state of the project, you can find it over on SourceForge.

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