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Kevin van Zonneveld's Blog:
Redis PHP Introduction
March 26, 2010 @ 07:46:04

Kevin van Zonneveld has written up a new post for his blog today looking at using Redis in your application for caching information (similar to memcache).

Don't know Redis? Think Memcache, with support for for lists, and disk-based storage. You can use Redis as a database, queue, cache server or all of those combined. [...] Redis keeps the entire dataset in memory, so it's still crazy fast: 110000 SETs/second, 81000 GETs/second. Good enough for to you? [...] Yes, you can store (serialized) arrays in Memcache. But every time you change 1 element, you'd have to invalidate & overwrite the entire array.

He talks about installing the redis server (a simple task if you use the package management tool for your linux release) and some simple code to push data into the caching server for keys, lists, sets and how to pull the information back out sorted.

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