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Uplifting Innovations Seeks Lead PHP Developer (Portland, OR)
Jan 26, 2010 @ 03:54:02

Company Uplifting Innovations
Location Portland, OR
Title Lead PHP Developer

We are searching for a talented PHP web developer who we can build the foundation of our “in-house” development team around as we are in the process of bringing our development in-house (all developers currently are off-site contractors). We want someone who has a keen interest in being part of a young, fast growing company and will have significant influence on the outcome of our applications. This person will also enjoy using the best machines and 2 huge monitors with a very comfortable chair. This will be a fun and rewarding opportunity with plenty of innovative projects and career growth to come.

3 Reasons Why You Will Love This Opportunity

  • Uplifting Innovations has the sole purpose of creating and building innovative and first-of-their-kind web applications and online businesses that focus on uplifting and enhancing the lives of people across the world. We are a small company, but we are mighty on Vision, Creativity and the Ability to not only Recognize Needs, but also Fulfill them using ingenuity and cutting edge web processes. YOU CAN BE A VITAL PART OF THIS TEAM.
    <li>A company with big dreams and even bigger foresight, Uplifting Innovations discovers issues that are causing pain in people’s lives, and then we put our minds together to come up with an innovative solution that makes people say, “duh, why didn’t I think of that!” We have a unique and innovative business model in that we are creating a live, online eco-system with tens of thousands of users that acts as a “proving ground” and traction generator for possible standalone web applications or other online businesses. 
    <li>Uplifting Innovations is being led by a successful “serial entrepreneur” with a history of building innovative web companies and has successfully sold two of them in the last 5 years. Most recently, Josh Hall was the founder of EnticeLabs, one of the most innovative and “game-changing” companies on the web (backers included Omniture, Inc. co-founders Josh James & John Pestana). With the help of an brilliant dev team, Josh revolutionized the online job sourcing industry with behaviorally targeted and dynamicly optimized job "Enticements", "Engagement Pages", and real-time job sourcing analytics. Having sold EnticeLabs, Josh wants to make an even bigger impact on the world! To do that, a mediocre dev team will not do; we need rockstars! Brilliant, innovative and creative. Plain and Simple. Do you want to get on a rocket ship to the top or would you rather work for "the man"? If you want the ride of a lifetime, jump on! 
    <li>Lead Developer in building first class, innovative, large scale, highly trafficked web applications
    <li>Use specifications and mock-ups to develop light, lean and highly scalable web applications
    <li>Develop for both the front-end and back-end (until front-end & back-end roles are separated)
    <li>Work with the project manager to define detailed estimates of dev schedule and timelines using the Agile Development methodology
    <li>Help build the best development team around; the kind that makes tech magazines giddy!
    <li>Write great code
    <p><b>REQUIRED SKILLS</b></p>
    <li>3+ years experience developing PHP/MySQL web applications at an EXPERT level.
    <li>Expert-level experience with XHTML, AJAX, CSS, JavaScript
    <li>Experience with Linux/Apache/MySQL administration.
    <li>Experience with Mootools, Smarty Templates, JSON and PHP 5
    <li>Capable of rapid development of highly scalable apps and user interfaces
    <li>Strong ability to write structured code followed up with clear documentation
    <li>Strict adherence to web 2.0 standards and cross-platform compatibility
    <li>Ability to write clean, light code (and then test your clean, light code)
    <p><b>RELATED SKILLS</b></p>
    <li>Obsession with new technologies and trends
    <li>Self-driven, with a good approach to working efficiently and effectively
    <li>Organized, detail-oriented and able to set (and meet) realistic deadlines
    <li>True passion for creating clean, functional and well-designed sites
    <li>Creative thinker who thrives on collaboration but can also work independently
    <li>It is absolutely required that you can be self motivated and work under tight deadlines.
    <li>Intense desire to build something successful from the ground-up
    <li>You will be richly rewarded if you pay careful attention to detail to ensure all requirements & specifications are accounted for and developed accordingly
    <li>Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
    <li>Strong desire to deliver projects on-time and to specification
    <p><b>DESIRED SKILLS, but NOT REQUIRED:</b></p>
    <li>Shell scripting, Mail Server Administration, VPS Server, Facebook API, Flex, and SocialEngine.
    <li>Competitive Salary
    <li>Health Insurance bonus
    <li>High-End and Powerful Equipment including 2-24 inch monitors and a Dual Quad-Core machine
    <li>A SUPER comfortable chair
    <li>Stock Options
    <li>Make a name for yourself and leave your mark on the world
    <p><b>HOW TO APPLY</b><br/>
    If you are excited about joining Uplifting Innovations and you feel like we'd be a good fit, please send us your resume and the following information to: DreamJobs *AT* UpliftingInnovations.com
    <li>Include all applicable experience (Projects you worked on, what you did and for whom)
    <li>Why you want to work for Uplifting Innovations
    <li>What sets you apart from other web developers?
    <li>Please provide 2 professional references (supervisor, team lead, etc. No friends or family)
    Have a great day! We hope to hear from you soon!
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