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Phil Sturgeon's Blog:
CodeIgniter Template library
December 30, 2009 @ 08:54:27

Phil Sturgeon has written up a new post about a templating library he's whipped up for CodeIgniter sites, a rework of his previous templating efforts.

Working with multiple views in CodeIgniter has always been a pain. Out of the box CodeIgniter provides no real way of having a layout file and the only way to get header/footer functionality is to put $this->load->view('header') in your views or in each controller and method. Obviously as a programmer I am lazy and don't want to do that. Years ago I made some dodgy helper which evolved into a library which I called CodeIgniter Layout library.

After realizing it needed a good amount of work to get to where it needed to be, he re-coded it and is releasing the new version of the CodeIgniter Template library. Features include breadcrumbs, meta-data, layout files, partials, and loading views into modules.

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codeigniter library template

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