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Easy PHP Pagination
December 22, 2009 @ 10:38:08

In a new post to Ashley Ford's blog there's a tutorial on paginating your data (from an array of data pulled from a database) with a simple PHP script:

I've had a few pagination scripts over the years but I thought i'd share the one that i'm currently using as it's a useful script to have in your toolbox. As a developer you'll soon find a need to paginate data when displaying contents from the database, and rather than use JavaScript which could require all the data to be loaded into the page on load, we can use PHP to ensure that we're only requesting the data that we need from the database.

Some sample code is included showing how to use the LIMIT statement (there's similar features in the other major databases) to only pull a subset of the data needed back into your script. Some CSS is also included to make it all look a bit. You can see it in action here and download the source here.

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