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Brandon Savage's Blog:
Learning From Other Communities
December 11, 2009 @ 11:52:02

On his blog Brandon Savage has a response to some of the comments that have been going around about the WordPress community, the software and the opinions the PHP community at large seems to have of them.

Keith made his point clear when I explained to him that I agreed with what Aaron was saying in his blog post, but that Wordpress supporting PHP 4 was Wordpress' "fatal flaw." In his...articulate way...he reminded me that Wordpress existed and flourished, in spite of our attempts to attack their support for PHP 4. Their use of PHP 4 was certainly not a fatal flaw, as much as our arrogance as a community seems to be.

As Brandon points out (agreeing with Keith Casey) that the PHP community can be harsh on certain projects because of their choices when, really, we're all in the same boat - some people still have to support that legacy PHP4 code no matter how much work is put into the PHP5 versions. Don't just go along with the crowd, taking the easy stance of bashing the software or the community - so something about it and help start change.

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