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Paul Reinheimer's Blog:
Stop Messing up CSRF Protection
November 10, 2008 @ 08:47:53

In his latest post Paul Reinheimer looks at cross-site request forgeries and, despite the best efforts of the PHP security community, how developers still just miss the point in protecting their own code.

So, cross site request forgeries are a pretty common topic these days; they're in almost every security talk, book, site etc. This is okay; they're important [...] Most of the sites, and all of the books I've read demonstrate things correctly, but when it comes to actual implementation, time and time again, I see code that's just wrong.

He looks at two of the "essentials" when it comes to protecting you and your application - comparison (not taking other values of variables into account) and the unpredictable token (not making tokens, like md5 hashes of information, random enough).

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