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Getting started with Flex and Zend_Amf
Nov 03, 2008 @ 14:49:38

This new article from PHPBuilder.com talks about getting started with one of the newly introduced components of the Zend Framework (in collaboration with Adobe) - the Zend_Amf interface.

To introduce this new Zend Framework extension and give you a look inside its functionality, I show you how to build a Flex application that pulls data from a MySQL database using PHP. First, you set up the application to use XML, the conventional cross-platform data-exchange method. Then, you change the code to use AMF and custom classes.

They give you the tools you'll need to set up the right environment (including version 1.7 or later of the Zend Framework and Adobe Flex Builder) and the steps to create the simple application. It uses a MySQL backend to store contact information ad a basic Flex interface to pull that information back out for display.

tagged: tutorial flex zendamf contact mysql information interface zendframework


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