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A PHP Guy's Look At Python
May 09, 2008 @ 08:48:46

Focusing on PHP day in and day out is nice, but sometimes it's good to branch out a bit. Kevin Yank agrees and decided to give Python a try. He's written up this post to the SitePoint PHP blog as he explores the language from a PHP developer's perspective.

Like may SitePoint readers, I cut my teeth on PHP. I've become very comfortable with it over the years, warts and all. PHP continues to be a dependable choice, but PHP hasn't changed a whole lot lately. [...] Python has a lot in common with PHP: it's a dynamically typed, open source scripting language with excellent documentation and a thriving community around it.

He includes a few basic "Hello World" kinds of examples in Python just to introduce you to the language structure (indenting for code structure? that's crazy talk for us PHPers) and some of the handy features of the language like sequences and the language's automatic namespace support.

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