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php[architect] Podcast:
Episode 13 - PHP 7.3
Oct 05, 2018 @ 15:52:38

The php[architect] podcast, hosted by Eric van Johnson and John Congdon, has posted their latest episode: Episode #13 - PHP 7.3.

Fresh off of hosting WavePHP in San Diego, Eric van Johnson and John Congdon put the finishing touches on the latest episode. Eric and John talk about stickers, forthcoming PHP 7.3 improvements like garbage collection, how to make estimates, penetration testing for security, job hunting, and more.

Sammy Kaye Powers joins to discuss podcasting, swing dancing, and challenges when upgrading legacy applications.

They also give some reasons why you should update to PHP 7.3 (when it's released), deprecated features, and a preview of what might be added in PHP 8. You can listen to this latest episode either using the in-page audio player or by downloading the mp3. If you enjoy the show, be sure to subscribe to their feed to get updates when new shows are released.

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Link: https://www.phparch.com/podcast/episode-13-php-7-3/

PHP Roundtable Podcast:
Episode 076 - Concurrency, Generators & Coroutines - Oh My!
Jul 30, 2018 @ 15:49:14

The PHP Roundtable podcast, hosted by PHP community member Sammy Kaye Powers, has posted their latest episode - Episode #76: Concurrency, Generators & Coroutines - Oh My!. In this episode Sammy is joined by Cees-Jan Kiewiet, Sergey Zhuk and Brent Roose.

PHP has had support for coroutines since PHP 5.5 and it allows you to do some really cool non-blocking stuff. We chat about concurrency in PHP and how we might be able to use it to speed up our apps.

You can watch this latest episode either using the in-page video player or you can watch it directly over on YouTube. If you enjoy the show, be sure to subscribe to their feed and follow them on Twitter for updates on when new shows are released.

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Link: https://www.phproundtable.com/episode/concurrency-generators-coroutines-oh-my

Cloudways Blog:
Sammy Kaye Powers Talks About PHP Community
Jan 12, 2016 @ 16:55:50

The Cloudways blog has interviewed another member of the PHP community in their latest post. In this article they talk with Sammy Kaye Powers, a PHP community member from Chicago.

If there is someone you are looking forward to following in the PHP community, then Sammy Kaye Powers is your go to guy! Sammy is a very active guy in the PHP Community. He is the host of PHP roundtable podcast and the co-organizer of Chicago PHP user group.

Along with being an active member of the PHP community, he has in his arsenal more than 15 years of experience in web development, along with having vast experience in Laravel. He is also a contributor of the official Facebook PHP SDK v5. In this interview with Cloudways, Sammy shared his views about PHP7, Laravel, Facebook and The PHP Community and how an amateur can benefit from becoming an active part of the community.

They start off with some basic introductory questions about Sammy's background in development and with PHP. They also talk about his work on the PHP Roundtable Podcast and his contributions to both the Laravel and Silex frameworks. Sammy then answers some questions about his work on Facebook applications, how he views the growth of the PHP community and his contributions including PHP documentation updates and speaking at conferences and online sessions.

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Link: http://www.cloudways.com/blog/interview-sammy-kaye-powers

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